"This transition book and audiobook gives Veterans a recipe for success. We need tools, if the only tool we have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When we’re desperate, hurting, feeling alone, we self-medicate. The best tool for a grunt is something that speaks to us in terms we understand, keeps our attention and draws in our focus. It may not be the magic bullet, but this work is the best practical material I’ve found on PTSD. The book puts into words the feelings and emotions we are having in a way we understand. It speaks to the fears we don’t talk about because even speaking about fears is a sign of weakness". CSM LENNY “MAC” MCADAMS 41 years, 8 months, 11 daysVietnam 1969 – OIF 2004

"I listened to this book twice on audio. I love how there is a narrator and co-narrator. As a female many people don’t believe I have been in combat. It’s a tough road when you attempt to go and speak to counselors or medical persinnel. They will laugh or patronize you. This book is a simple first step. It explains all the steps a veteran goes through from triggers to speaking to counselors (and not succeeding). Instead of the author telling you what to do he teaches you how to manages triggers. “Your life is lived between your triggers”. By understanding what causes a trigger you are better prepared to combat these triggers. I also like that I can start working on me and nobody has to know. Many veterans are afraid of the stigma from seeking help. This book can be read in privacy. If you are struggling I highly recommend this book. Make this your first step to healing"! JA SCOTT"

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